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A list of 21 of the most profitable Must-See Fundraisers! Smencils “Scented Pencils” top our list of 21 Must-See fundraisers. Year after year Smencils have been one of our number one fundraisers for many reasons: amazing salability keeping groups coming back for more, a uniqueness unmatched by any other fundraising product, a great non-food item, and generates 45% profit with free shipping. Smencils make a perfect fundraiser for any type of group!
Looking to raise the most profit for your buck? Wow Fundraising, with our many years of school fundraising, have assembled a list of the most profitable school fundraisers. Some of our school fundraising programs will make up to 90% profit!
Looking for school fundraisers that work? We understand your frustration. There are many fundraisers available that simply don't offer the kind of results you may be looking for. To help you discover fundraisers that are tried and true we compiled a list of 21 must-see fundraisers. This list of school fundraisers work real well for groups looking to raise money for supplies, tuition fees, trips, or any other needs.
What is a fundraiser? A fundraiser is a social function, event, or campaign whose primary purpose is to raise money for a cause. Fundraisers often benefit schools, non-profit programs, churches, and other non-governmental organizations.
Tired of searching for what other schools are using for their successful fundraisers? Well, search no further! With more than 15 years of helping schools raise money, we have recognized and assembled the most popular fundraising products available. There is no question here as we can see what makes these fundraisers so popular:
There are many different types of fundraisers available to groups. We'll cover some of the most popular types of fundraisers used by schools, sport groups, church groups, and daycares. Brochure Programs
Order these items first, then sell them to your supporters on the spot. No taking orders and delivering items later. You can purchase upfront with a major credit card, check by phone, or school purchase order! Wow Fundraising carries a huge selection of the most profitable and popular fundraising items available. Most of our in hand fundraising items have a ONE case minimum order and include FREE SHIPPING!  
With the arrival of spring, many churches may start looking at their community events schedule to start planning fundraisers to correspond with these events. Seeing as money doesn’t just grow on trees, church groups have the need to raise funds for missionary trips, choir uniforms, supplies, or even additional money for community investment projects.
Fundraising items is a general term used to refer to the fundraising products that are sold to raise money during a fundraiser. Wow Fundraising provides a wide variety of fundraising items offering a wide variety of profits. Profits on fundraising items may range anywhere from 35% to 90%, depending on the type of fundraiser being ran.
Yes, witches and ghouls, it's that time of year again; the leaves are starting to change, days are getting shorter, and we are starting to get back into the school rhythm. The first month of school is out of the way and this gives our teachers the opportunity to really look at their budget and supplies and realize what they’ll need for Fall.