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School Fundraising Ideas & Fundraisers

Whether it be High School, Middle School, or Elementary School, Wow Fundraising specializes in school fund raising ideas. We like to cover all the bases and will not only provide you with fundraising ideas, but will help you make a decision on what fund raiser will be the most successful for you and your fundraising group. Over 15 years of experience in the industry has taught us what fundraising products work with what groups. With school fundraisers, brochure order-takers generate high profit. If you have a smaller class or are just looking for products for your school store, please browse our fundraising ideas. If you need any assistance, please call 888-203-7168 or ask our live support!

High School Fundraising Ideas

Fund raising with a more mature audience requires a more mature product. Smencils (scented pencils) sell but are not typically the top seller for High Schools. Some High School Fundraising Ideas include Candy Bars and Jack Link's Beef Jerky. Or, check out a full list of our brochure programs in you are interested in order taking.

Middle School Fundraising Ideas

The Middle School years between Elementary School and High School are open to any fundraising items. Check out our wonderful blend of great in-school fundraising scented products.

Elementary School Fundraising Ideas

Brochure Sale Fundraising works best in Elementary Schools. When working with younger children, parents tend to get involved and often take the brochure to their workplaces. Check out our great fundraising programs for Elementary School Fundraising Ideas. These programs offer many free services and public schools qualify for instant credit terms. If one is interested in a direct sale product, Smencils are the number one seller in Elementary Schools. The kids love the scents and we always have the schools coming back for more!


Types of Fundraisers

There are several different types of organization and school fundraising programs that you need to consider before making your final choice. Here is a quick breakdown of the major types of organization and school fund raisers for you to consider.

1. In Hand Selling also known as Direct Sale Fund Raisers

This is one of the simplest types of fundraising. Basically, you buy a fundraising product like candy bars, lollipops, beef snacks, smencils or anything else. Then you go sell them. You make your profit on the markup of the items you are selling. Usually you are going to make anywhere from 30% to 50% of the sales price of your items. We carry the most popular school fundraising in hand items such as smencils, candy bars, lollipops, 2 year planners, etc. All available to be purchased online. The majority of our school fund raising in hand sellers start at 50% profit, require only a one case minimum order and are shipped for FREE anywhere in the continental United States.

Take a look at the list below: (Just click on a link to get all of the details)

• Dollar Bar Candy Bars
• Brand Name Candy Bars
• Lollipop
• Beef Snacks / Beef Jerky
• Smencils
• Candy
• Wristbands
• Popcorn
• 2-Year Planners
• Other Fundraising Ideas

2. Pre-Sale Fundraisers also known as Brochure Sales or Order Takers

For a pre-sale fundraiser the members of your group will use a product brochure with an order taker to take orders (pre-sale) from customers and supporters ahead of time. We recommend that you collect the money at the time the order is placed to avoid collection issues later. After you have completed the "pre-sales" phase of your fundraiser, all of the products are shipped to you "to the piece" so you are not stuck with extra products that have not been paid for. Once you receive the products, it's time for your sellers to distribute the items to their customers.

For the BEST possible fundraising experience, we make sure all of the items are pre-packed for each of your sellers on qualified programs. This means that the items each of your participants sold will already be boxed and labeled with their names. You don't have to do ANY sorting and separating of products, just find each participant and hand them the box(es) labeled with their names. This makes distribution day VERY SIMPLE and avoids possible errors that occur during the distribution day rush.

This is the best option if you need a fundraiser with No Upfront Costs. When you book your next group or school fundraiser with Wow Fundraising, this is what we will do for you:

• FREE Brochures, Order Takers, Kick off letters, and Collection Envelopes for ALL of your sellers.
• FREE Pre-Packing on qualified programs. We will pack all items per seller for easy distribution.
• FREE Delivery with LOW MINIMUMS. 
• FREE Order Processing. We total and tally all orders. 
• FREE Shipping on all brochures. We send them to you for FREE and give you a pre-paid UPS slip to return them.
• Optional Prize Program for your sellers. 

We offer a wide range of Order Takers for you to choose from including:

• Gourmet Cookie Dough 
• Cheesecakes
• Pizza 
• Frozen Food Fundraising Ideas 
• Non Frozen Foods Fund Raising Ideas
• Flower Bulbs and Seeds

3. Donation Programs

This is probably the oldest form of fundraising. If you need money, you just ask people to give you some. Asking for donations has taken many forms
(direct solicitation, donations by mail, donations by phone, online donations and more).

A very popular donation program available is the Scratch Card. Scratch Cards can return HIGH (VERY HIGH) profits if your group is motivated. Scratchcards work best if your participants are comfortable asking for donations. The program is simple and provides a way to assist your organization in asking for donations in a fun and organized way. Here's the basic concept. Each participant gets a scratch card with a book of coupon sheets. Each card has 50 scratch off dots that when scratched reveal the supporters donation amount. People love to scratch the dots and you will often get people to scratch several. Once your supporter has made their donation they receive a coupon sheet valued at over $150.00 as a thank-you. If you would like more detailed information visit our scratch card page.

4. Discount Cards

Sell a card that has discounts for other places. Check out our Dinner and a Movie Card, they usually sell for $10.00 and you get half of the money!