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Preschool Fundraising Ideas

As all parents know, kids are a handful. Portion control on glue seems to be almost non-existent, pencils start off whole - but by the time a child is done sharpening one, they may be down to just stubs. There is no question as to why preschools need help funding supplies; whatever the need, we are here to help them raise the money for it. We have assembled many preschool fundraising ideas for groups to sell and raise money for supplies, playground equipment, or even additional help to keep an eye on the kids.

When planning a preschool fundraiser, it is important to keep in mind that it is the parent doing most of the work. Brochure programs work real well for parents of preschoolers. Selling products from a brochure is easy as there is no product to carry around and care for. The parents will usually purchase a few items themselves and will hopefully take the brochure and order taker to work with them to collect more orders.

Some wonderful preschool fundraising ideas involve selling products such as French bread pizzas, cheesecakes, cookie dough, kitchen helpers, magazines, and much more! Wow Fundraising offers a wide selection of fundraising programs for preschools.

If your preschool has an office area where you would like to set up some direct sale products to sell, Wow Fundraising offers a wide variety of candy bars, lollipops, and beef jerky as well. Most direct sale preschool fundraising ideas generate 40% - 65% profit and range from $0.50 to $2.00 sellers.

Interested in a preschool fundraiser? One of our fundraising specialists will be glad to help you get set up with a no cost brochure program or a direct sale program! Contact us today 888-203-7168!

Top Products for Preschool Fundraising Ideas

Smencils "Scented Pencils" Tub

Scented Pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper soaked in gourmet scents
Make $200.00 per case
40% profit
$1.00 sellers
500 smencils per case

Yummy Lix/Licks Gourmet Lollipops

Best selling fundraising lollipop
Make $352.00 per case
55% Profit
$1.00 sellers
640 assorted lollipops per case

School Bus Scratch Cards

School Bus themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)