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Brochure Fundraisers / Order Takers

Pre-Order and Sell as You Go

All items same price! Sell for $17 or for even more profit -$18! Cookies, Desserts, Pizzas, and more!

Legendary Pie Brochure

9 Legendary Pie flavors available in a single sheet brochure with order taker on the back, or a four page brochure.

Variety of 16 Little Caesars' products, pizza, breadsticks, cookies and more! Online ordering with direct to home or ship with group available!

Variety of frozen food products featuring Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. 49 items.

106 items! Frozen food, kitchen items, dry goods.

Name brand power to boost your fundraising sales. 10 Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough varieties, Otis Muffins, and Otis Brownies.

97 items! Frozen food, kitchen items, dry goods.

20 page brochure featuring cookie dough, cookie dough variety packs, French bread pizza varieties, pizza snacks, Auntie Anne's pretzel items and dessert items. 53 items total.

12 top selling pre-portioned cookie dough flavors and 4 cookie dough variety packs!

A variety of cheese, sausages, chocolates, and dry mixes!

10 chocolates, 2 HUGE gummi bags, Heartbar Oatmeal Squares, 4 pull-top snack cans

Shelf stable cookie dough makes for easy deliveries! No need to worry about thawing! 11 flavors and 1 variety pack.

Zap-A-Snack French Bread Pizzas

The Top Selling Pizza Brand Fundraiser. 15+ Years in Fundraising. Quick and Convenient Snack for all Ages. Microwavable. Individually Wrapped for Portion Control.

The perfect program for daycares, churches, and other small groups! 21 items.

Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny

Solid Chocolate, 7" tall, 6 oz., Gift box, Fundraising Brochure

Classic Cheesecakes Overview

Top Selling Cheesecake Flavors. Four Cheesecake Varieties. 32 oz. Cheesecakes and a 40 oz. Variety Cheesecake.

Guaranteed To Grow! Sell in Fall for Spring sensations. 45% Profit Brochure Program. Dozens of Products. Free Delivery with Low Minimum.

    Guaranteed To Grow! Sell in Spring for Fall planting. 45% Profit Brochure Program. Dozens of Products. Free Delivery with Low Minimum.

      Trash Bags

      Brochure offers 9 varieties of trash bags. Kitchen and large capacity bags available.

      Auntie Anne's Fundraising

      Top Selling Brand in Fundraising with Great Customer Recognition! High Quality / Premium Ingredients. Four Unique Products. Frozen Products.

      Popcorn Fundraiser

      7 varieties of gourmet popcorn. $10 Retail.

      Caramels for a Cause

      6 varieties of caramels. $10 retail.

      Jack Link's Beef Steak Snacks Presell

      40% or 45% profit - You decide the selling price! 6 carton minimum. No money upfront! FREE Shipping!

      Cumulative Prize Program, 10 Levels of Prizes

      50% Profit or More Fundraisers

      No need to search for fundraising products that offer the highest profits for your efforts. We collected all of our fundraising products that start off at 50% profit here!


      Cookie dough, the most popular brochure fundraising item, is now prebaked and individually wrapped!

      Candy Bars

      One of the most popular fundraisers we sell. Your candy bar fundraiser will earn up to 50% profit. Each candy bar sells for $1.00 or $2.00. 

      Gourmet Lollipops

      We sell over 40 different types of lollipops, so we are sure to have the perfect lollipop for your fundraiser. Be sure to check out our most popular pops like Yummy Lix! We carry a great selection of Holiday Pops (Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, St. Patricks and Halloween) and Sports Lollipops (Football, Baseball, Baseball, Soccer, and more!)

      Beef Jerky Overview

      A tasty and healthy alternative, beef snacks are the fastest growing snack food in the fundraising industry. Beef and Sausage Sticks by Jack Link's Beef Jerky are low in fat, low carbohydrates, low sugar, and high in protein!

      USDA Qualified In School Fundraisers

      All fundraisers in this category meet the USDA's Smart Snacks in School standards.

      Scented Products

      Stimulate your fundraising supporters' senses by selling scented products! Not only are many of these scented products environmentally friendly, buy they will generate large profits for your group and smell great!

      Pretzel Rods

      One of the hottest direct sale items! Pretzel Rods dipped in chocolate!

      Candy Fundraisers

      Americans eat approximately 24 pounds of candy a year. Need we say more?

      Discount Cards

      High profit fundraising items that save your supporters up to 50% local and nationwide retailers!

      Two Year Planners

      Americans are busier and more stressed than ever and are looking for ways to organize their lives. The amount of requests alone for these handy 2-year planners secured them a place as a "must see" fundraiser.

      New Fundraising Items

      Find the newest fundraising items here!

      Spirit Sleeves

      The perfect product for schools to sell anytime of the year! Sell at sporting events, in the school store, or even presell using our simple order form.

      Scratch Cards

      Scratch Card fundraising is an excellent, high profit, option for your organization and is a great alternative to candy bars, lollipops or brochure sales.

      Welch's Fruit Snacks Assortment

      Fruit snacks are a healthier alternative to selling candy or chocolate. Sell brand name fruit snacks from brands like Welch's.

      Custom Label Products

      Custom label fundraisers are great for any group or organization that wants to add a personal touch to their fundraiser. Add your school's or group's logo or slogan to a product and make it your own!

      Other In-Hand Sellers

      Unique fundraising products that are different than the normal fundraisers.