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50% Profit Fundraising Ideas

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To help groups make the most profit out of their fundraisers, Wow Fundraising assembled a list of 50% profit or more fundraisers. With these products and programs, your group will start off making 50% profit on everything sold!

Looking for 50% profit fundraisers with in-hand sellers? We have a list of over 70 products that offer 50% profit or more with a minimum of one case purchased! To guarentee your 50% profit, we also provide free shipping! Some fundraising companies will claim they offer 50% profit on their products, but will then charge you shipping and possibly taxes. This takes away from your profit leaving you and your group short changed.

Some of our direct sale fundraising products will offer a teired purchaseing structure, allowing you to make even more profit with more cases of products ordered. For example, if you purchase 10-19 scratch cards, your cost per card is $15.00; which raises $85.00 per card! However, if you were to buy 20-49 cards, your cost per card drops to only $13.00; which raises $87.00 per card! We can even go one step further and offer groups who purchase 50 or more cards $5.00 off per card making the purchasing price just $10.00 a card; which will raise 90% profit!

Wow Fundraising also offers fabulous 50% profit fundraising programs. All of these programs feature "dry goods", or products that are not frozen and do not require special shipping attention. We offer a wonderful variety of programs ranging from magazines, gift items, kitchen helpers, chocolates, snacks, and flower bulbs.

Contact one of our fundraising specialists today and we will help you choose the best 50% profit fundraiser for you and your group!

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