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Sports Fundraising Ideas

Sports Fundraising IdeasSports fundraising ideas provide an excellent source of income that helps offset, if not pay for, sports equipment, trips, fees, and events. Some schools have been forced to cancel extracurricular activities due to the lack of funds in the budget. It is important to keep sports available as they not only play a pivotal role in the development of our physical condition, but to children in school, help demonstrate character, interest, commitment, and teaches them how to manage their time and priorities.

Due to a small budget (if any) to spend on sports, a group may find themselves using old or broken equipment. Faulty equipment is dangerous as it may cause injuries; before this happens, it is time to run a fundraiser to get the equipment replaced.

Wow Fundraising has amassed a huge collection of sports fundraising ideas which cover a broad spectrum of sports including football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, tennis, golf, and wrestling. Our sports themed lollipops, including baseball shaped lollipops and football shaped lollipops, work well for those sports groups that would like a fundraising item specialized for their group.

Jack Link's, which promotes an extreme image with their beef sticks and beef jerky, work well for sport fundraising groups. Jack Link's beef sticks also provide a healthy alternative to candy bars which are 97% fat free and are high in protein.

Frozen food fundraisers are popular brochure fundraising programs that sports teams like to use. Wow Fundraising offers pizza, cookie dough, cheesecake, pretzels all through the order taking programs.

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Related Groups
School sports such as baseball are usually not given too much attention in the school's budget; which leaves the team covering the rest of the expenses. Wow Fundraising provides baseball fundraising ideas to groups looking to fill the gap between what is provided and what is still needed. We know equipment and travel expenses are not cheap which is why we offer many high profit baseball fundraisers. There are three primary types of baseball fundraisers, direct sale, donation, and brochure programs.
Basketball fundraising ideas are fundraising products and programs used to raise money for groups. Each group will have its own reasons for fundraising, whether it is for uniforms, trips, or tuition, Wow Fundraising offers basketball fundraising ideas for all causes. There are two primary sales types for fundraising, direct sales and brochure sales.
As with most sports groups, cheerleading comes with its own cost; such as uniforms, shoes, pom poms, travel, competition fees, and more. Some schools will try to cover some of these costs in their school's budget, but unfortunately sometimes fall short. This is where fundraising steps in to the rescue!
One of the largest types of fundraising groups that we work with is football fundraising. Once fall arrives and football season starts, so does the need for football supplies, trips, and event fees. Wow Fundraising provides a huge selection of football fundraising ideas to help groups cover the cost of these football supplies and fees.
Golf Fundraising Ideas are products and programs used to raise funds for golf supplies, events, travel fees, and other golf expenses. Wow Fundraising has collected a large variety of fundraising ideas to provide you with many options of golf fundraisers; each having their own strength and target audience.
Soccer as a school sport or as a league doesn't come cheap. There may be many fees associated with it that one doesn't think about before hand. Cleats, jerseys, shin guards, goal post and netting, even travel expenses all add up. Soccer fundraising ideas are fundraising products used to raise money for soccer groups.
Extracurricular activities, such as Softball, are great programs offered by schools or leagues that help promote physical fitness. Unfortunately, the cost associated with these activities is not always covered. All sports come with their own cost for uniforms, travel expenses, and equipment such as bats, balls, and helmets. To help cover the cost of these items, groups may look into softball fundraising ideas. There are two types of softball fundraising ideas:
As football ends and athletes look for other sporting activities to do, they are presented with a few spring sport options such as tennis and golf. Tennis is a growing sport for schools and clubs and helps encourage kids and students to stay active. To help provide these activities to kids for as cheap as possible by raising funds to help afford the cost of tennis equipment, travel fees, and other expenses, Wow Fundraising has assembled a list of tennis fundraising ideas.
Track and Field is a wonderful outdoor sport that encourages extreme physical fitness amongst its members. As with all sports, track and field comes with its own cost and expenses. Groups have uniforms, transportation fees, as well as other equipment needed for the various activities held with track and field events.
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