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No Upfront or Start Up Cost Fundraisers

Need to raise money without spending money upfront? No problem!

All of Wow Fundraising brochure programs require no money upfront/no start up cost! We provide all of the materials needed to run the fundraiser which include:

  • FREE Brochures
  • FREE Order Takers
  • FREE Collection Envelopes
  • FREE Kick-Off Letters
  • FREE Return Postage to send back your order forms

Now that all of the supplies are taken care of, all you have left to do is decide which brochure program you would like to run. Wow Fundraising offers a wide variety of no upfront cost fundraisers such as pizza, cookie dough, cheesecake, desserts, seasonal brochures, gift brochures and more!

Contact one of our fundraising specialist and we will help you choose the perfect brochure for your no start up cost fundraiser! We have many years experience helping all sorts of fundraising groups raise the funds they need. Give us a call and we will help you raise the profit you need.

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