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Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

Boy Scout Troop fundraisers are typically handled and managed by the scout leader or fund raising chairman. In addition to the popcorn fundraiser that Boy Scout Troops usually run, their scout leader or fund raising chairperson has the option of running other additional fundraisers.

Wow Fundraising steps in to provide Boy Scout fundraising ideas; which are products sold to raise money for trips, supplies, events, and other needs. We offer a huge selection of Boy Scout fundraising ideas ranging from lollipops, candy bars, beef jerky/beef snacks, discount cards, scratch cards, cheesecakes, French bread pizzas, and more!

Jack Link's beef snacks are a favored fundraising product that Boy Scout Troops love to sell in addition to their popcorn fundraiser. Jack Link's beef snacks provide a healthy alternative to candy fundraisers as they are 97% fat-free and high in protein. Boy Scout Troops also tend to favor them because of their extreme branding as well as an outdoor image.

Helping and supporting the neighborhood is a code of conduct held high by the Boy Scout Troops. Wow Fundraising offers discount cards such as the Dinner and a Movie card and City Saver card as Boy Scout fundraising ideas that provide valuable local or nationwide discounts. These cards not only support the group, but support local merchants as well.

Do you or someone you know need additional funds for their Boy Scout Troop? If so, give us a call at 888-203-7168! We have fundraising specialist eager to hear from you and can help you chose the right Boy Scout fundraiser for your group.

Top Products for Boy Scout Fundraising Ideas

Dinner and a Movie Discount Cards

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