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School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising IdeasSchool fundraisers provide a critical source of income for school programs, trips, sports, additional learning materials, school supplies, and events that are not in the school's budget. It is important that we provide the best for our students and give them an exemplary learning experience in school by offering them everything we can provide.

There are many different groups in schools that perform fundraisers to raise money for the needed supplies and materials that they need to function. This is not an uncommon thing. Parents want the best for their children and are glad to support a school fundraiser that supports a program that directly affects their child.

To grant a student the access or supplies to these unique learning programs or extracurricular activities, fundraising is needed. Wow Fundraising offers a large variety of school fundraising ideas for school groups to help them raise money for what they need.

Our school fundraising ideas are made up of a large variety of products that cover any school group that one would want to run a fundraiser for. We have Jack Link's beef sticks for sports teams, heart and lip lollipops for Valentine's Day (as well as other lollipops for other occasions), Smencils for elementary schools, and custom wristbands for any group that really wants to customize their fundraising product.

Some of the primary school fundraising ideas that we offer are direct sale fundraisers, also known as in-hand sellers. These consist of food items such as candy bars, lollipops, beef sticks, and candy; as well as some non-food items such as Smencils, discount cards, scratch cards, two-year planners, and wristbands.

Brochure fundraising programs are also offered to schools that want to sell products such as pizza, cookie dough, cheesecake, pretzels, magazines, and gifts. We provide all of the brochures and order takers FREE of charge. After your fundraiser ends, all you need to do is return them! We take care of the rest.

Top Products for School Fundraising Ideas

Jack Link's Wild Sticks Original

Wild Sticks Original Beef Sticks
Make $84.00 per case
35% Profit
$2.00 sellers
120 Wild Sticks per case

Smencils "Scented Pencils" Tub

Scented Pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper soaked in gourmet scents
Make $200.00 per case
40% profit
$1.00 sellers
500 smencils per case

America's Variety Candy Bars

Peanut Free, 1.5 oz. candy bars
Make $96.00 (up to $120.00) per case
40% Profit (up to 50% profit)
$1.00 sellers
240 candy bars per case

School Bus Scratch Cards

School Bus themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)

Student Scratch Cards

Student themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)

Related Groups
Class fundraisers are programs used to raise money for a class within a school. The term "class" is very broad as it may represent an entire school class, such as the "Senior Class", or it could represent a curriculum class such as "English Class". School class or curriculum class, Wow Fundraising offers fundraising ideas that work for them both.
Daycares exist to provide parents a nice place to watch their children while they are away. Being for-profit organizations, daycares will want to provide the best services and materials for the children while not causing a financial drain on the parents. Fundraising becomes required in order to raise the extra funds for these resources; whether it is for restocking daycare supplies, playground equipment, or simply reducing daycare tuition.
Elementary schools host a critical time in the development of a child's life making it important to provide elementary schools the resources they need to enhance the learning experience of a child. Elementary school fundraising ideas are programs that help raise funds by selling products. These products may range from scented pencils to cookie dough and may consist of frozen or non-frozen products.
High school fundraisers provide funds that support school trips, programs, extra curricular activities, supplies, and other items that may not be supported in the school's budget. These fundraising ideas are used as a resource to keep those school trips, sports, and supplies accessible to the students.
Middle school fundraising ideas help middle schools raise money for trips, school supplies, events, school programs, and any other needs the school may have. Like elementary school fundraising ideas, motivation for middle school students to sell and support the fundraising program is key. While students in middle school are more mature than elementary students, prize programs still work well and will just need to be adjusted to suit the age bracket.
As all parents know, kids are a handful. Portion control on glue seems to be almost non-existent, pencils start off whole - but by the time a child is done sharpening one, they may be down to just stubs. There is no question as to why preschools need help funding supplies; whatever the need, we are here to help them raise the money for it. We have assembled many preschool fundraising ideas for groups to sell and raise money for supplies, playground equipment, or even additional help to keep an eye on the kids.
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