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Making the Most Profit From Fundraisers

Let's face it, when it comes to fundraising, one wants to make the highest amount of profit by selling the least amount of products.

To make the most profit from one's fundraiser, it all depends on what is sold.

Brochure sales often offer a higher profit with less items sold compared to direct sales. For example, if a group were to sell 50 pre-portioned cookie dough boxes at $16 each for 40% profit, they would make $320.

To equal the profit made from selling cookie dough with direct sale items, one would need to sell around 660 Smencils at $1.00 each or sell 1255 Yummy Lix lollipops at $0.50 each!

Every fundraising program has its targeted audience and will sell better in certain conditions. For example, it would be a lot easier to sell direct sale products in school stores or group offices where-as it would be easier to sell brochure program items to group members and the group member's families. It will be up to the fundraising chairperson to evaluate their environment, where the fundraising items will be sold, and ultimately which program would be best for them.

Wow Fundraising has many years experience helping fundraising groups determine which fundraising program will help them make the most profit and be the most successful. We will use our experience of helping groups just like yours, to help you choose the best fundraiser for you! Give one of our fundraising specialists a call today at (888) 203-7168 and we will make your fundraiser a profitable one!

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