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Choir Fundraising Ideas

Choir fundraising ideas are used to raise money for choir related supplies, trips, uniforms, and events. As with most extra curricular activities, choir requires a lot of dedication and hard work. If one is to run a choir fundraiser on top of their standard choir activities it may become overwhelming. We take all the stress of off the person running the choir fundraiser and make it as pleasant and rewarding as it can be.

We made sure that our vast fundraising ideas catalog encompasses all types of choir fundraisers; including fundraisers for church and school.

School choir fundraising and church choir fundraising both have the same subject in common, but should take different aspects of their choir fundraiser into consideration. For example, when choosing a choir fundraiser for a school, the age of your sellers can affect the participation. By adding a prize program to your school choir fundraiser, you will see an increase in motivation for your sellers. For church choir fundraisers, the members tend to be a little older and don't really need additional motivation to sell as they recognise the direct benefits of the fundraiser. Motivation is important! If your members are not motivated by the cause, then maybe a prize program is right for you.

Choosing the right choir fundraising idea for your group is important. You will want to take your area into consideration and determine what will sell. If there are other school fundraisers going on at the same time you want to run your fundraiser, find out what they are that way your fundraiser won’t conflict. It makes it harder to sell if two groups in your area are running the same fundraiser.

It is important to us that your choir fundraiser is a successful one. Contact our fundraising specialist with any questions you may have regarding choir fundraising. We will help you pick the right fundraiser for your area and continue to help you every step of the way!

Top Products for Choir Fundraising Ideas

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Music Scratch Cards

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