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Full Service Order Takers (Brochure Programs)

If you need a fundraiser with high profit potential and no upfront costs, then a fundraising order taker is your best option. Great for all organizations, easy to get started and simple to run. We provide FREE Brochures, FREE Order Takers, FREE PREPACKING, FREE SHIPPING with a low minimum, and MORE.

All items same price! Sell for $17 or for even more profit -$18! Cookies, Desserts, Pizzas, and more!

Variety of 16 Little Caesars' products, pizza, breadsticks, cookies and more! Online ordering with direct to home or ship with group available!

Variety of frozen food products featuring Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. 49 items.

106 items! Frozen food, kitchen items, dry goods.

Name brand power to boost your fundraising sales. 10 Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough varieties, Otis Muffins, and Otis Brownies.

97 items! Frozen food, kitchen items, dry goods.

20 page brochure featuring cookie dough, cookie dough variety packs, French bread pizza varieties, pizza snacks, Auntie Anne's pretzel items and dessert items. 53 items total.

12 top selling pre-portioned cookie dough flavors and 4 cookie dough variety packs!

A variety of cheese, sausages, chocolates, and dry mixes!

10 chocolates, 2 HUGE gummi bags, Heartbar Oatmeal Squares, 4 pull-top snack cans

Shelf stable cookie dough makes for easy deliveries! No need to worry about thawing! 11 flavors and 1 variety pack.

The perfect program for daycares, churches, and other small groups! 21 items.

Guaranteed To Grow! Sell in Fall for Spring sensations. 45% Profit Brochure Program. Dozens of Products. Free Delivery with Low Minimum.

    Guaranteed To Grow! Sell in Spring for Fall planting. 45% Profit Brochure Program. Dozens of Products. Free Delivery with Low Minimum.

      Cumulative Prize Program, 10 Levels of Prizes