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Dinner and a Movie Discount Cards

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Your supporters will save up to 50% at over 100,000 restaurants, movie theaters, and stores nationwide! No need to wait for us to sign up the merchants for your fundraiser. Give us a call to find out what merchants are offering in your area!

• 50 Dinner and a Movie Cards minimum.
• Valid at participating merchants NATIONWIDE!
• $7.00 profit per card sold!
• Cards expire approximately 15 months from the date you purchase them.

How to redeem discounts using the Dinner and a Movie Card
(Instructions are also printed on the back of each card)

  1. Go to
  2. In the login boxes type in your unique code on the back of your card
  3. One you're logged in, type in your ZIP code and choose from great discounts and offers in your area!
  4. Follow each location's specific online redemption instructions.


Program Breakdown
Purchase each Dinner and a Movie Card for $3.00
Sell each card for $10.00
You make $7.00 per card which is 70% profit!

Customize Your Card
For 500 or more cards, you can customize your entire card for free! There is a $150 fee for orders under 500 cards. You are responsible for the designing of the card. Your completed card design may be sent to Your finished card must be 3.625in x 2.38in with 300 dpi resolution. If you decide to customize your card, it will take a week or two longer to deliver (see delivery details below).

Delivery Details
Standard Dinner and a Movie cards are typically delivered in 4-7 business days
Customized Dinner and a Movie cards are typically delivered in 7-17 business days