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Beef Snacks and Beef Jerky

For more than 100 years, Jack Link's Beef Jerky and Beef Snacks have produced the world's finest beef jerky and meat snacks. In today's fundraising, Jack Link's beef jerky provides a healthy alternative to candy fundraisers by providing 97% Fat Free and high in protein beef jerky and beef snacks. This fundraisier provides an excellent opportunity for your school or organization to raise the funds needed!

Jack Link's Wild Sticks Original

Wild Sticks Original Beef Sticks
Make $84.00 per case
35% Profit
$2.00 sellers
120 Wild Sticks per case

Jack Link's Beef Steak Snacks

Beef Steak Snacks
Make $172.80 per case
40% Profit
$3.00 sellers
144 beef steak snacks per case