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Back to School Fundraisers

As the summer comes to an end and school registration begins, it makes for a great opportunity to raise some money for your school. School registration fundraisers or "Back to School Fundraisers" are simple fundraising products that your school can sell during the registration process. These are items that may sit out on registration desk in the view for all parents and future students to see.

Lollipops are always pleasing to the eye and generally work well to keep the future student occupied while the parent talks to the teachers.

There are other items that work well for "Back to School Fundraisers" such as Smencils. Smencils are unique fundraising products that serve a dual purpose – they raise schools money and are also used for school supplies. Students love the smencils and will often want more than one as they are offered in usually 10 different scents.

Scented bookmarks make excellent registration day or "Back to School Fundraisers" as well. Simply set a box outside or inside your library and sell them to the parents and students registering and touring your school.

As with any fundraiser, be sure to post a sign or tell the parents what the profits from the items will go towards. Whether it is for funding additional school supplies, gym equipment, playground equipment, or library books – a good cause increases the willingness of supporters.

Top Products for Back to School Fundraisers

Smencils "Scented Pencils" Tub

Scented Pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper soaked in gourmet scents
Make $200.00 per case
40% profit
$1.00 sellers
500 smencils per case

Yummy Lix/Licks Gourmet Lollipops

Best selling fundraising lollipop
Make $352.00 per case
55% Profit
$1.00 sellers
640 assorted lollipops per case

Smart Smencils

Peppermint scented smencils
Make $114.00 per case
38% profit
$1.00 sellers
300 smart smencils per case

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