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Tea - Peach Ginger Iced Teabags (tagless)

Peach Ginger Black Teabags + Free collectible

Our classic peach tea with a hint of ginger is a divine flavor combination and one of our top selling products. A beautifully crafted black tea with natural German flavors added. Drink it hot or iced. Try our recipe for our Peaches & Cream smoothie. Leave the peach skin on but remove the stones, add 2 pitted peaches, fresh is best, to the blender, ½ cup of strong brewed peach ginger tea, use 2 teabags for a flavor hit, 1 cup of ice and 1 cup of your
favourite non dairy milk or for a special treat non dairy vanilla icecream. It’s decadent but still on the healthy side. Our tea is free from added colors, fillers or preservatives.

Orange Pekoe tea (pure black tea), natural peach flavor, natural ginger flavor.


25 round teabags in a stay fresh pouch.

Yes, our teabags are compostable