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Recommended Delivery Day Procedure

1. You can never have too many volunteers on delivery day. We recommend a minimum of three volunteers including at least one volunteer for every 250 items being delivered. Volunteers will be needed to unload, set up, and distribute orders.

2. Be sure to have tables available for order form pickup and product distribution.

3. As products are unloaded and brought into the delivery area, place them in alphabetical order according to the delivery setup chart included with this document (alphabetizing only by first letter is sufficient). There are several printed "alphabet letters" included with the document to be used for labeling the rows of seller's orders to make alphabetizing easy.

4. All boxes are clearly labeled with the name of the seller and the total number of boxes or bags that the seller will need to pickup. There is a sample ticket with instructions included with these instructions.
Click here to view the sample box label.

5. All boxes or bags will have a number written in the "Box Count" area on the box label. This number is the TOTAL number of boxes or bags that the seller has in this order. (Example: If there is a "5" written in that box, there should be a total of "5" boxes or bags for that seller to pick up.)

6. Your order may be made up of two different types of boxes. The majority of the boxes in your order will be labeled for a single seller. However, there may be several MULTIPLE ORDER boxes included with your order. Inside these boxes are several draw-string plastic bags for DIFFERENT sellers. Each MULTIPLE ORDER box is labeled with the seller's names that are contained in the box.

7. Please be sure to completely unpack these MULTIPLE ORDER boxes and match the draw string bags up with the seller's other order boxes before distributing the orders. This will ensure that sellers receive their entire order.  In some cases, these bags contain the seller's ENTIRE order. In most cases, these bags contain one or two items that would not fit into one of the seller's other pre-packed boxes (there is not enough product to completely fill ANOTHER box). In this case, the bag will be labeled with the seller's name and a number indicating how many packages the student should expect to pick up.

8. The original order forms will be returned with your prepacked order. The order forms will be located in a sealed bag or box on the last pallet of prepacked orders.

9. Order forms should be unpacked and placed on the "pickup table" in alphabetical order. Sellers should pick up their order forms from the "pickup table" and a volunteer should help locate the seller's boxes. Volunteers should then verify that the seller has the correct order forms and the correct number of boxes.

10. Be sure to have volunteers available to help carry out large orders to the seller's vehicle.

Click here to view the Recommended Delivery Day Setup Layout.