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No Upfront or Startup Costs

There is abolutely no cost to start your brochure or order taker fundraiser. Choose from any of the brochures we have available and we will get you started right away with no upfront or startup costs.

No startup costs means no risk to your organization. We want you to get your fundraiser started right away, and we want to make it as simple as possilble.

Let us know how many members you have in your organization and we will provide each member with a fundraising brochure, order taker, collection envelope, kickoff letter, and prize brochure. All of these items will be put together into an easy to use sales kit.

All of the following fundraising materials will be provided at no cost:

  • FREE Product Brochures
  • FREE Prize Brochures
  • FREE Order Takers
  • FREE Collection Envelopes
  • FREE KickOff Letters
  • FREE Return Postage to send in your order forms

Sometimes there is a need for additional items to get started, let us know what you need, and most likely we can help out.