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How Buying Direct Works

Buying direct eliminates the traditional fundraising company middle-man
that inflates the price of your fundraising products and eats into your profits.

  • Our Products Cost Less

We charge one incredibly low price for each of our products AND we show you the prices up front.
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  • You Make More Profit

Our products cost so much less than a traditional fundraising company that you can earnĀ 50% MORE PROFIT.
We dare you to compare.

  • Offer Better Value to Your Supporters

Our prices are so low that you can share the savings with your supporters and STILL make more profit than with a traditional fundraising company.
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e will show you how.

  • Eliminate Unnecessary Fundraising Services

Traditional fundraising companies buy products from suppliers and manufacturers and add various "fundraising services" before selling them to you. These additional services add to the cost of your fundraising goods.

Eliminate these unnecessary services and make more money!

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