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Free Packing Per Seller

If you haven't had your orders pre-sorted and pre-packed per seller before, now is the time to take advantage of this free service.

Pre-packing saves hours of time sorting and separating fundraising products on delivery day. We double and triple check your orders during our pre-packing process.

Your completed order will be data entered and totaled for each of your sellers.

Once we have the totals for each of your sellers it will be sorted and packed for each seller.

Each seller's order will be pulled from our stock, computer scanned to verify accuracy, and then packed into boxes labeled for each seller.

The seller's boxes is clearly labeled with the seller's name and an order list showing the seller's entire order.

All of the fundraising orders are then palletized, shrink wrapped, and shipped to you.

On delivery day, just follow our recommended delivery day procedure for a smooth end to your successful fundraiser.