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21 Must See Fundraisers


Smencils “Scented Pencils” top our
list of 21 Must-See fundraisers. Year after year Smencils have been one of our number one fundraisers for many reasons: amazing salability keeping groups coming back for more, a uniqueness unmatched by any other fundraising product, a great non-food item, and generates 45% profit with free shipping. Smencils make a perfect fundraiser for any type of group!


Gourmet Lollipops
Gourmet Lollipops offer a uniqueness
to suit any fundraiser. There are over 40 different varieties to choose from providing you the ability to sell them at any occasion. Sell heart and lip shaped lollipops for Valentine’s Day, sport shaped lollipops during the sporting season, or gourmet round lollipops to suit any other occasion. Place these lollipops in a lollipop tree to display on any counter top or concession stand! These lollipops offer one of the highest profit percentages for any food item at 51% profit, with free shipping and no minimum!


One Dollar Bars

One Dollar Bars are brand name quality
chocolate candy bars sealed in decorated wrappers. Unlike brand name candy bars, these chocolate delights sell for $1, which keep the traditional $1 candy bar fundraisers alive. There are many different candy bar varieties available including convenient variety packs or single flavors. Free shipping with no minimum order and the highest chocolate candy bar profit available makes the One Dollar Bars one of our top fundraisers!


Beef Snacks
A favorite among sporting and activity
groups, Jack Link’s Beef Jerky / Beef Snacks provide a recognized brand with quality product to the fundraising industry. Jack Link’s Beef Jerky / Beef Snacks provide a healthy alternative to other candy fundraisers as they are low in fat, low in carbohydrates, low in sugar, and high in protein. This extreme fundraiser passes school health guidelines allowing Jack Link’s Beef Jerky / Beef Snacks to be sold in any market!


Discount Cards
• Local or Nationwide
• Up to $7.00 Profit per Card Sold
• FREE Shipping
• Low Minimum
• Up to 30% FREE Cards


Hershey's Candy Bar Fundraising
• Up to 50% Profit
• NO Minimum Order
• Brand Name Power
• FREE Delivery in 2-7 Days
• $2.00 Sellers


Two Year Planners
• 50% Profit
• Two Case Minimum Order
• Choose from Several Assortments
• Purse sized with a memo pad and planning calendar in a vinyl cover
• FREE Delivery in 2-11 Days


• Up to 50% Profit
• NO Minimum Order
• Great Variety of Candy Favorites
• Straight or Variety Cases Available
• FREE Delivery in 2-7 Days
• $.50 & $1.00 Sellers


Scratch Cards
• No Product to Deliver
• Make Over $80 Profit per Card
• Customized for your Group
• Simple to Get Started
• Donors Get Valuable Coupons


• Over 50% Profit
• Over 20 Colors
• Youth and Adult Sizes Available
• 100% Hypoallergenic
• Free Shipping in 2 -10 Days


Milk Chocolate Lollipops
• 45% Profit
• NO Minimum Order
• Chocolate Roses, Hearts, and Holiday Shapes
• FREE Delivery in 2-7 Days


Safety Kits
• 50% Profit
• Useful Emergency Items
• NO Minimum
• Free Shipping in 2 -10 Days


Cookie Dough
• One of our TOP Sellers 
• Great for ALL types of Groups 
• Choose Tubs or Preportioned 
• FREE Delivery (with low minimum)


French Bread Pizza
• Great Alternative to Sweets 
• Great for ALL types of Groups 
• FREE Delivery (with low minimum)


• One of our TOP Sellers 
• Great for ALL types of Groups 
• 6 Different Flavors
• FREE Delivery (with low minimum)


Frozen Foods
• Cookie Dough, Cheesecake, Pizza, Desserts, and More in SEVERAL different variety brochures 
• FREE Delivery (with low minimum)


Dry Bake Mixes
• No Refrigeration Required! 
• Bake Mixes, Cookie Dough Mixes, Brownie Mixes 
• FREE Delivery (with low minimum)


• Chocolates, Nuts, Candies, and More!
• FREE Delivery (with low minimum)


Flower Bulbs & Seeds
• Guaranteed To Grow! 
• Available for Fall or Spring 
• Dozens of Products 
• FREE Delivery (with low minimum)


• Traditional Jar Candles 
• Incredible Scents 
• FREE Delivery (with low minimum)


Trash Bags
• 18 Gallon Kitchen 
• 30 Gallon Trash 
• 39 Gallon Leaf 
• 55-60 Gallon Yard Bags 
• FREE Delivery (with minimum)