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A list of 21 of the most profitable Must-See Fundraisers! Smencils “Scented Pencils” top our list of 21 Must-See fundraisers. Year after year Smencils have been one of our number one fundraisers for many reasons: amazing salability keeping groups coming back for more, a uniqueness unmatched by any other fundraising product, a great non-food item, and generates 45% profit with free shipping. Smencils make a perfect fundraiser for any type of group!
What is a fundraiser? A fundraiser is a social function, event, or campaign whose primary purpose is to raise money for a cause. Fundraisers often benefit schools, non-profit programs, churches, and other non-governmental organizations.
Individuals that run fundraisers to raise money by themselves know it can be a challenging task. They don't have the sales force that groups have so they need to find unique ways to increase their exposure to raise as much money as possible.
Tired of the hassles that complicated fundraisers may cause? Try one of Wow Fundraising’s simple fundraising ideas! Brochure Fundraisers