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School Fundraising to Replace Stolen Gear

A sad story comes to us from Miami Palmetto Senior High where a thief sole $18,000 worth of computers and accessories. The worst part about the robbery was the irreplaceable data that was on the stolen computers. The school lost more than 3,000 photographs, which they were going to use for the school’s yearbook.

Now the school, along with rival schools, begins fundraising campaigns to replace some of what was lost. Some schools have lent Miami Palmetto Senior High their equipment, which will allow the seniors to continue to work on their yearbook in the meantime.

We are glad to see the community and other schools pull together to help the students whose passion is designing and working on the yearbook. It is sad to see Palmetto High having to start from scratch, but hopefully this experience will pull them closer together and help make the 2010 yearbook one they will never forget. Good luck in their school fundraising efforts!

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