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School Fundraising for the Needy

When children at the Family Development Center are in need of supplies such as boots, coats, and toys for Christmas, the kids from the Silverhouse (a small learning community where students learn “survival skills”) at Roseburg High School know how the chip in!

This year the students raised $2,400 running laps around the schools track for pledges. One student ran 46 laps in the cold 30-degree weather. The 11.5-mile trip didn’t seem to be much of a challenge for the freshman however, for she was quoted calling the jog, “A good work out.”

The students took the earning to a local Fred Meyers where they were given 15% off all apparel, 10% off other purchases, and then an additional 10% off their entire order. Teachers waited at the cash registers to approve gifts and make sure they would suit the children’s needs.

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