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Guys like this give fundraising a bad name.

Fundraising is tough.

Convincing your supporters to donate their hard earned dollars to your cause is tough enough without criminals like this guy using a fake charity to swindle money from the community.

This guy's punishment was (thankfully) more than a slap on the wrist. Let's hope it sends the right message to any other con-artists lurking in the shadows.

"A man accused of running a sham coin-collecting charity in the name of helping animals was fined more than $330,000 and barred from fundraising in New Jersey under a court order released today.

Patrick G. Jemas, of Woodbridge, faced civil penalties after the state Division of Consumer affairs sued him and his Union Township-based organization, the National Animal Welfare Foundation Inc., for misleading how the money collected in countertop canister was used."

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