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Fundraising Ideas with Flamingos, Rubber Ducks, Helicopters, and Lots of Nothing

Not every idea scales to every size fundraiser, but reading about fun, unique events that other groups have organized are sure to get you thinking. :-)

Here are some awesome ideas we saw in a Syracuse, NY newspaper article.


For several weeks, the Flamingo Fellowship at Erwin First United Methodist Church in Syracuse offered "flamingo insurance" for just $5. It's a rather reasonable sum considering, as the fellowship warned, flamingo infestation is the "number one plastic lawn ornament hazard in the U.S."

Call it charitable extortion, because the fellowship also offered to decorate an unsuspecting target's space Thursday and Friday with pink flamingos at $5 apiece and was accepting donations for removal of the birds.

[T]he InterReligious Council of Central New York raced thousands of toy ducks out of Onondaga Creek into the Inner Harbor to raise money for its Community-Wide Dialogue to End Racism. Professional engineers working for the event's corporate sponsors modified their entries with such things as specialized rudders and windmill and solar power. duck
helicopter On Thursday, P.E.A.C.E. Inc. dropped about 1,200 numbered golf balls out of a helicopter over Drumlins Country Club in DeWitt. The ball closest to a golf hole won $10,000 for Judy LaVelle, of Elbridge, who, like the other participants, paid $20 to play the game.
Perhaps the most efficient special event is the nonevent. The Catholic Charities Brady Faith Center is staging one - or not - right now. The Nothing Affair has no committees, dress codes, orchestra or tickets, no exact admission price or date, according to its flier. Late reservations are just fine. Just send a check to the Brady Faith Center and do anything you want whenever you please. nothing day

Read the entire article here.