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Order these items first, then sell them to your supporters on the spot. No taking orders and delivering items later. You can purchase upfront with a major credit card, check by phone, or school purchase order! Wow Fundraising carries a huge selection of the most profitable and popular fundraising items available. Most of our in hand fundraising items have a ONE case minimum order and include FREE SHIPPING!  
With the arrival of spring, many churches may start looking at their community events schedule to start planning fundraisers to correspond with these events. Seeing as money doesn’t just grow on trees, church groups have the need to raise funds for missionary trips, choir uniforms, supplies, or even additional money for community investment projects.
Fundraising items is a general term used to refer to the fundraising products that are sold to raise money during a fundraiser. Wow Fundraising provides a wide variety of fundraising items offering a wide variety of profits. Profits on fundraising items may range anywhere from 35% to 90%, depending on the type of fundraiser being ran.
Yes, witches and ghouls, it's that time of year again; the leaves are starting to change, days are getting shorter, and we are starting to get back into the school rhythm. The first month of school is out of the way and this gives our teachers the opportunity to really look at their budget and supplies and realize what they’ll need for Fall.
Many groups and schools look for just the right food to sell for fundraisers. In most cases, they look for the most profitable food fundraisers. While the most profitable food fundraiser will make your group the most profit per item, it might not sell as well. For example, a group selling nuts and snacks will make higher profit per item, as those products are non-frozen and cheaper to ship. However, actual food items may sell better as supporters will see their donation result in a meal or sustenance for their family as opposed to snacks.
Schools around the country all have different guidelines for what they can sell when it comes to selling food fundraising products in school. From nutritional guidelines, to allergens and sugars, one should check with the Principal or whoever may have authority over school fundraisers before they get started with a food fundraiser. Wow Fundraising has many years experience helping schools raise money with food fundraisers. We have assembled a list of food products that pass most schools’ strict sugar, allergen, and nutrition standards.
Christmas or Holiday Fundraisers may not be at the top of the list during this time of year as we enter the busy holiday season. Many schools are focusing on studying for midterms, churches are assembling their plays, and everyone else is getting things wrapped up before the Christmas break; pun intended.
New regulations for schools have drastically affected selling food products within schools. These new regulations enforce or restrict the selling of certain foods that do not meet the nutrition, sugar, or allergen guidelines.
Valentine's Day fundraising ideas are always a huge hit with schools. Students love to buy lollipops as a gift for their Valentines. Valentine's Day lollipops are a sweet way to say to someone you are thinking about them. Get your Valentine's Day lollipops fast! These lollipops do sell out quickly. Don't worry, even if Valentine's Day shaped lollipops sell out, you can still buy the standard round lollipops like Yummy Lix.