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Summer Fundraising Ideas

With summer just around the corner, many groups begin to plan their summer fundraisers with fundraising ideas. Whether the organization is a summer school camp, church camp, sports camp, or any other group that is in need of fundraising supplies, Wow Fundraising has summer fundraising ideas for every organization!

Finding the right summer time fundraiser may be a challenge. There are many products out there that do not ship well in the heat such as chocolate and frozen food. This does not mean it is not possible however, it just means it may be more expensive to ship or there may be distribution issues when it comes to delivery. Schools and other groups may plan for everything to go well when it comes to delivery, but even with all the notices to parents and group members, some product may go unclaimed until a later date. With hot weather, the product would be destroyed if left out so many good hearted fundraising organizers find a place to keep the product cold until it is claimed by the seller at a later date.

Don't put yourself through the hassle!

Wow Fundraising offers many summer fundraising ideas that don’t spoil in the heat of the summer. Instead of chocolate and candy bars, sell direct sale products like Jack Link’s beef jerky, Smencils, lollipops, candy, and wristbands. We provide you with the highest profit summer fundraisers available, some products such as Scratch Cards will generate up to 90% profit! Check out our Fundraising Products page today!

Brochure fundraisers generate great profit and work well for larger groups who like to take orders from supporters with the use of brochures. All of Wow Fundraising's brochure programs are FREE to get started! We provide all the materials needed to run the summer fundraiser; such as brochures, order takers, collection envelopes, and even a pre-paid return envelope!

Instead of frozen food fundraisers in the summer, try our non-frozen food brochures, gift catalogs, and snacks!

Contact one of our fundraising specialists to get started with a summer fundraising idea today!


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