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Church Fundraising Ideas

Church Fundraising IdeasChurch fundraising ideas are items or programs that are sold to raise money during church fundraising events. These fundraising events depend on what the church is raising money for. Churches may run fundraisers to collect money for missionary trips, choir uniforms, choir trips, church equipment, Sunday or summer school tuition, or even to help raise money for other community projects.

Wow Fundraising provides successful church fundraising ideas for Christian fundraisers, Catholic youth group fundraising, Catholic school fund raising, Methodist fundraisers, and any other religion you can think of. One of our top church fundraising ideas is our two-year planners. These two-year planners are available in an inspirational assortment which offers four cover designs, each providing their own inspirational quote.

Faith shaped lollipops provide a unique church fundraiser that stands out from a normal lollipop fundraising sale. One will increase their sales by using a product that supports can relate to.

Church themed scratch cards offer a fun way for groups to collect direct donations. Each supporter will scratch off a dot on the scratch card, reveling the amount to donate. They may scratch off as many dots as they wish! The groups supporter is then given a valuable coupon sheet as a thank you!

Sometimes a church will not have the money to pay for direct sale fundraising items up front and would prefer to run a brochure sale fundraiser. Non-frozen food brochure fundraising programs typically work best, based off the size of the church and ease of distributing the goods. A church group will not need to worry about storage of frozen product should the recipient of the product not show up on the delivery date.

Top Products for Church Fundraising Ideas

2 Year Planners - Inspirational Assortment

Purse-size Two-Year Planners come with a memo pad
Make $72.00 per case
50% Profit
$2.00 sellers
72 assorted planners per case

Church Scratch Cards

Church themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)

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Mission trip fundraising ideas are programs used to raise money for sending missionaries on trips that help spread the word of God while further understanding other cultures. Mission trips generally are not incorporated into the church's budget; because of this, fundraising is needed to raise the funds for the trips and supplies.
Youth groups provide additional learning experiences as well as social experiences for children. In order for churches to offer these programs, funding is required to pay for staffing, supplies, and other expenses that the group may come across. Youth group fundraising ideas are fundraising products used to help youth groups raise money in order to cover these cost.
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