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Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

Youth groups provide additional learning experiences as well as social experiences for children. In order for churches to offer these programs, funding is required to pay for staffing, supplies, and other expenses that the group may come across. Youth group fundraising ideas are fundraising products used to help youth groups raise money in order to cover these cost.

Wow Fundraising has compiled a list of youth group fundraisers consisting of frozen and non-frozen food, gift items, scratch cards, discount cards, and more! Our church scratch cards makes a wonderful youth group fundraiser item that is preferred by church groups. The church scratch cards' size makes them easy to carry around; no need to load the seller up with multiple items to sell as one scratch card holds the value of fifty items! The seller will ask supporters to scratch off two or more dots and to pay the amount shown. The supporter will then receive a coupon sheet valued at $150 as a "Thank You".

Another youth group fundraising idea that is easy to transport would be our discount card fundraisers. Some discount cards feature a specific item such as our Pizza Hut fundraising card or our Papa John's fundraising card, while others offer discounts to stores nationwide. You can even customize these cards with your groups name and logo!

While scratch cards and discount cards work well and offer some of the highest profits in fundraising, we do have some youth groups who enjoy the traditional food fundraisers. Faith lollipops are specifically designed lollipops with youth groups in mind. Each Faith Lollipop case features lollipops embossed with a cross, angel, or praying hands.

We also offer brochure programs for youth group fundraisers, which allow the sellers to take orders for products without having to carry the product around. After all the orders have been collected, you would simply send the orders back to Wow Fundraising. We would total and tally everything, send you reports for your sale, and then deliver your product!

Top Products for Youth Group Fundraising Ideas

2 Year Planners - Inspirational Assortment

Purse-size Two-Year Planners come with a memo pad
Make $72.00 per case
50% Profit
$2.00 sellers
72 assorted planners per case

Church Scratch Cards

Church themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)