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Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

Mission trip fundraising ideas are programs used to raise money for sending missionaries on trips that help spread the word of God while further understanding other cultures. Mission trips generally are not incorporated into the church's budget; because of this, fundraising is needed to raise the funds for the trips and supplies.

Wow Fundraising provides a wide selection of mission trip fundraising ideas. We offer a vast array of direct sale fundraisers including lollipops, candy bars, beef snacks, two-year planners, and more! Mission trip groups find our two-year planners to be very appealing and successful for their groups. The two-year planners are available in four different assortments with the most popular for mission trip fundraisers being the inspirational assortment. Each two-year planner is so well built, some groups have been selling them for more than the suggested resell value of $2.00, which makes 50% profit; but have been selling them for $3.00 and up to $5.00!

Church scratch cards make another wonderful mission trip fundraiser as they are specific to churches and your groups name or cause is also placed on the church scratch card. Each church scratch card cost $15.00, or less depending on quantity, and will raise $85.00 profit per card!

Brochure sale fundraising is a method of fundraising where the group supporters take orders of items from the brochures, turn in their orders at the end of the sale, and then distribute the items to their customers. Wow Fundraising makes this process very simple as we provide all the materials needed to run the brochure sale fundraiser for free!

If you or your group is looking to run a mission trip fundraiser, be sure to check out all of our fundraising ideas and give us a call with any questions! Our fundraising sales specialists are glad to help!

Top Products for Mission Trip Fundraising Ideas

2 Year Planners - Inspirational Assortment

Purse-size Two-Year Planners come with a memo pad
Make $72.00 per case
50% Profit
$2.00 sellers
72 assorted planners per case

Church Scratch Cards

Church themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)