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Chocolate Lollipops

Lollipop Fundraising Ideas are lollipop products (also called suckers) created for fundraising groups to raise money for supplies, travel expenses, tuition, or other needs. Lollipop fundraisers come in many different sizes, flavors, textures, selling points, shapes, and the most important to fundraising – profits!
Have the need for Holiday Lollipops? We have many lollipops available in different shapes, sizes, and flavors (including chocolate lollipops). Our Holiday Lollipops are made for many different occasions such as Christmas Lollipops, Halloween Lollipops, Valentine's Day Lollipops, and for many other occasions. Don't see the lollipop you are looking for? Give one of our fundraising experts a call (888) 203-7168.
Looking for a unique way to display your lollipops? Our lollipop stand/lollipop tree is portable and holds 85 lollipops. The lollipop stand/lollipop tree is shipped unassembled and may ship from a different location than the lollipops. DELIVERY INFORMATION • 100% FREE SHIPPING in the contiguous 48 states • Lollipops are delivered in 2-7 Business Days (depending on location)
Halloween is a great time of year to host creative fundraising ideas. Not only will a group or school raise money for what is needed, but the supporters will have fun with the fundraiser as well. We have assembled some of our favorite Halloween fundraising ideas many of which may be used in conjunction with each other to maximize the amount of profit from your Halloween fundraiser.
Wow Fundraising offers a wide variety of fundraising suckers that raise over 50% profit, have free shipping, and taste great! Fundraising suckers range in shape, size, flavor, texture, and even selling point. To help you determine which fundraising suckers will work best for you and your group, we'll explain some of the differences of the suckers we offer below. Determine How Much You Want To Sell
A list of 21 of the most profitable Must-See Fundraisers! Smencils “Scented Pencils” top our list of 21 Must-See fundraisers. Year after year Smencils have been one of our number one fundraisers for many reasons: amazing salability keeping groups coming back for more, a uniqueness unmatched by any other fundraising product, a great non-food item, and generates 45% profit with free shipping. Smencils make a perfect fundraiser for any type of group!
Order these items first, then sell them to your supporters on the spot. No taking orders and delivering items later. You can purchase upfront with a major credit card, check by phone, or school purchase order! Wow Fundraising carries a huge selection of the most profitable and popular fundraising items available. Most of our in hand fundraising items have a ONE case minimum order and include FREE SHIPPING!  
Yes, witches and ghouls, it's that time of year again; the leaves are starting to change, days are getting shorter, and we are starting to get back into the school rhythm. The first month of school is out of the way and this gives our teachers the opportunity to really look at their budget and supplies and realize what they’ll need for Fall.
Christmas or Holiday Fundraisers may not be at the top of the list during this time of year as we enter the busy holiday season. Many schools are focusing on studying for midterms, churches are assembling their plays, and everyone else is getting things wrapped up before the Christmas break; pun intended.
Valentine's Day fundraising ideas are always a huge hit with schools. Students love to buy lollipops as a gift for their Valentines. Valentine's Day lollipops are a sweet way to say to someone you are thinking about them. Get your Valentine's Day lollipops fast! These lollipops do sell out quickly. Don't worry, even if Valentine's Day shaped lollipops sell out, you can still buy the standard round lollipops like Yummy Lix.