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Halloween Fundraising Ideas

Halloween is a great time of year to host creative fundraising ideas. Not only will a group or school raise money for what is needed, but the supporters will have fun with the fundraiser as well. We have assembled some of our favorite Halloween fundraising ideas many of which may be used in conjunction with each other to maximize the amount of profit from your Halloween fundraiser.

Bobbing for apples is a great traditional Halloween fundraising event. Find a big bucket or tub and fill it with water and apples. Check with a local orchard or grocery store to see if they would be willing to donate the apples to support your cause. Charge your supporters a small amount to compete.

Guess the amount of candy in a jar is a fun guessing fundraiser that is open to an unlimited number of participants. Simply fill a big clear jar with small candies, candy corn or Hershey's Kisses work best, and charge supporters $1.00 per guess at the number of candies in the jar. The supporter who guesses the correct number, or closest to it, wins the jar and candy!

Host a costume contest. Costume contest are always fun and generally work great for large or community groups. Charge a small entry fee to compete in the event, reward prizes for different categories including silliest, funniest, prettiest, and most creative. Have the crowd chose by applause who they feel should win each category.

Haunted hay rides make a fun activity during Halloween fundraisers. These may be a little harder to organize as tractors with hay wagons aren't always available.

Haunted school is a fun Halloween event that takes a lot of effort and time. School staff and volunteers donate their time to help convert the gym or commons area into a haunted maze. Use existing curtains and dividers to make the materials used to set up the maze cheaper. Let the school staff and volunteers play a role within the maze and charge the students and supporters an admission fee to enter.

Some other great Halloween fundraising ideas to use during your Halloween event would be to set up sell stations that sell Halloween arts and crafts or fundraising items such as Halloween themed lollipops. Selling fundraising items such as Halloween lollipops or suckers during your Halloween fundraiser is a great way to raise additional funds, 40 – 50% profit per case! Be sure to check out our chocolate Halloween lollipops and candy Halloween lollipops below!

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