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Easter Fundraising Ideas

Spring is in the air and groups begin to plan for Easter events, spring carnivals, or look for ways to acquire additional materials needed. Easter provides a great fundraising opportunity for groups and schools; as an easy way to raise money is to run an Easter fundraiser.

Chocolate Bunnies and lollipops are a favorite among schools and groups and make excellent Easter fundraisers. Lollipops will raise anywhere from 40% profit to 50% profit depending on the type of lollipop. All Easter Lollipops are also divided into convenient carriers that may be divided amongst the group selling. A typical rule of thumb is to make sure each seller has a carrier to sell from.

Another option available to groups are order takers or brochure sales, which are fundraising programs where the group's supporters take orders for products from brochures that are delivered at a later date and distributed by the group to the supporters. Products offered with the brochure programs vary from brochure to brochure, some of the most widely used and successful are French bread pizza, cheesecake, cookie dough, gift catalogs, and magazines.

If you are interested in running an Easter fundraiser, please contact one of our fundraising specialists; we will help you choose the best Easter fundraising idea that will be successful for you and your group.

Top Products for Easter Fundraising Ideas

Spring Smencils Bucket

Pencils made from recycled newspaper soaked in gourmet scents
Make $190.00 per case
38% profit
$1.00 sellers
500 spring smencils per case

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