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Class Fundraising Ideas

Class fundraisers are programs used to raise money for a class within a school. The term "class" is very broad as it may represent an entire school class, such as the "Senior Class", or it could represent a curriculum class such as "English Class". School class or curriculum class, Wow Fundraising offers fundraising ideas that work for them both. We have collected a wide variety of class fundraising ideas including smencils, lollipops, beef snacks, discount cards, brochure programs, and more!

Having trouble deciding what fundraiser you and your class would like to sell? Or don't know how much product to get?

A general rule of thumb when selling direct sale products – purchase enough product that each seller has one carrier/tub/bag to sell. If the class fundraising idea that you are interested in is not broken down into carriers/tubs/bags, then contact one of our fundraising specialists at (888) 203-7168 and they will help you with the best amount to purchase for your class. Our fundraising specialists are glad to help and are there every step of your fundraiser to answer any questions you have. We have handled thousands of class fundraisers and know what works.

Aside from the popular class fundraisers like candy bars, lollipops, and smencils – we offer brochure programs as well. Classes may prefer a brochure program, as they require NO money upfront, Wow Fundraising provides all the materials needed to start the sale, and classes get to sell a variety of product. Some of the most popular class fundraising brochure programs are cookie dough, cheesecake, pizza, kitchen helpers, magazines, and gifts.

Class fundraising ideas may vary from season to season. Some classes prefer to run themed fundraisers such as Christmas Lollipops for Christmas, Heart Lollipops for Valentine's Day, or Lolliween Lollipops for Halloween. Wow Fundraising offer class fundraising ideas for all occasions!

Top Products for Class Fundraising Ideas

Smencils "Scented Pencils" Tub

Scented Pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper soaked in gourmet scents
Make $200.00 per case
40% profit
$1.00 sellers
500 smencils per case

School Bus Scratch Cards

School Bus themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)

Student Scratch Cards

Student themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)