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Good Fundraisers

It may be hard sometimes to find a good fundraiser that will work well for your group. You may need to look through several types of good fundraisers to find the one that will work well for you and your group. There are several factors that may determine whether your fundraising efforts will result in a good fundraiser.

  1. Seasonal Fundraising – What time of year is it? If it is spring, perhaps a good fundraiser for your group may be selling spring seeds. If it is summer, your group may look into car wash fundraisers. In the fall, groups may sell trash bags, which work great for leaf disposal. Come wintertime, gift brochures and gift-wrap sell well as those products help supporters prepare for the holiday season.
  2. Group/Cause Representation – Do your fundraising items represent your group or cause? Good fundraising ideas will represent or symbolize your cause or reason you are fundraising. In example, if you group is raising money to save the environment, there are several items that are environmentally friendly such as smencils or spring/fall seed fundraising programs. Or, if you are raising money to help raise cancer awareness or someone who is suffering from cancer, there are good fundraising products like cancer fundraising items.
  3. Customized Products – Many groups enjoy good fundraisers that keep their group’s name or cause in front of their supporters. Custom wristbands, scratch cards, bbq sauce, and discount cards all work well for this.

Besides products, there are also different types of good fundraising programs. The three primary types of good fundraising programs are: direct sale, order takers, and donation.

  • Direct Sale – This type of program involves group members selling product purchased ahead of time. Group members usually sell the items amongst peers, family, or bring the products to work.
  • Order Takers – These programs have no start-up cost; all the materials needed to run the fundraiser are FREE! Group members would take orders for product for a week or two. After the selling period is over, all orders are collected by the fundraising sponsor and mailed back to Wow Fundraising in the pre-paid envelope. Product is then delivered and distributed to the group members who sold.
  • Donation – These good fundraising programs usually raise the most profit for groups, as there is no product to pay for or deliver. However, there are donation products that help your group members ask for donations such as scratch cards.
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