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Food Fundraising Ideas

Many groups and schools look for just the right food to sell for fundraisers. In most cases, they look for the most profitable food fundraisers. While the most profitable food fundraiser will make your group the most profit per item, it might not sell as well. For example, a group selling nuts and snacks will make higher profit per item, as those products are non-frozen and cheaper to ship. However, actual food items may sell better as supporters will see their donation result in a meal or sustenance for their family as opposed to snacks.

Through our many years of helping groups with food fundraisers, Wow Fundraising has come to know the most popular and most successful food fundraisers available. We have assembled a list of the most popular and profitable food fundraising ideas. Our custom brochures have become well known and are used throughout the country. You may have already seen or used one of our free to start food fundraising programs, such as the Gourmet Food & Gifts, Simply Delicious, and Extravaganza!

Fundraising food products such as French bread pizza, cookie dough, strudels, cheesecake, and cinnamon rolls are some of the most popular food fundraising ideas available. While proving to be very popular with schools as combination brochures, each food fundraiser is available to sell as a stand-alone as well. 

All of Wow Fundraising's food fundraisers require no money upfront, which means we supply all the materials needed to run the fundraiser for free! This includes the brochures, order takers, money collection envelopes, even a prepaid envelope to return your order takers with; all for FREE! After the sale is over and product is delivered, you then pay for the food sold with the money you collected, while keeping your profits. This makes your food fundraising program risk free!

There are some other ways to raise money without running a food fundraising brochure program. Some require more effort by your sellers, such as having each supporter take turns baking homemade goods to sell at school or group events. If your supporters are school students, sometimes this task may fall on the parent of the seller. While this food fundraising idea will generate 100% profit, it would be a good idea to check with your sellers or seller’s parents before hand to see who will be willing to help bake supplies for the events.

Looking for a food fundraising product that doesn't require any baking and is already to sell at your school or group events? Wow Fundraising offers direct sale products such as candy bars, lollipops, and beef snacks for your group to purchase upfront, and then sell at your events. These in-hand sellers will generate anywhere from 40% - 60% profit!

Still a little fogy on what food fundraising idea to use for your fundraiser? Contact one of our food fundraising specialists at 888-203-7168 and we will use our years of experience in the fundraising industry to help you choose the right fundraiser for you and your group.

Top Products for Food Fundraising Ideas

Yummy Lix/Licks Gourmet Lollipops

Best selling fundraising lollipop
Make $352.00 per case
55% Profit
$1.00 sellers
640 assorted lollipops per case

Chocolatiers $2.00 Candy Bars

Peanut Free, $2 candy bars
Make $120.00 (up to $144.00) per case
50% Profit (up to 60% profit)
$2.00 sellers
120 candy bars per case

America's Variety Candy Bars

Peanut Free, 1.5 oz. candy bars
Make $96.00 (up to $120.00) per case
40% Profit (up to 50% profit)
$1.00 sellers
240 candy bars per case

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