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Great Fundraisers

Great fundraisers are essential for raising high profits for groups. There are many different types of great fundraisers out there, but it is important to choose the one that best suits a specific group and a specific area. Enlist the help of our fundraising specialist to gain excellent insight into great fundraising programs that will work best in your area and for your group.

Wow Fundraising provides and excellent list of great fundraisers for groups to use. Sell products that represent your group, whether it is for school, sports, or church. Products that represent your group will turn an ordinary fundraiser into a great fundraiser. They will allow your supporters to associate the cause with the product they are purchasing.

For an extra kick, customizable products make great fundraising ideas. Add your group’s name or cause to a wristband, scratch card, or lollipops for a product that will really keep your supporters thinking about you. There are also customizable items that let you add your group’s logo to them, these include bbq sauce and discount cards.

Seasonal fundraising ideas make great fundraisers during their respective season as they provide your supports with items that are relevant to them during that time. For example, sell spring seeds to supporters for planting in their spring gardens, or sell gift-wrap to them in the fall for wrapping presents.

Interested in a great fundraiser? Contact one of our fundraising specialists today to get started with a program that will be successful for you and your group.

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