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Church Fundraisers

With the arrival of spring, many churches may start looking at their community events schedule to start planning fundraisers to correspond with these events. Seeing as money doesn’t just grow on trees, church groups have the need to raise funds for missionary trips, choir uniforms, supplies, or even additional money for community investment projects.

A great way to raise the funds for these supplies and projects is to sell church fundraisers. There are many great church fundraising ideas for groups to choose from, whether it be church fundraising items to set at a desk during church events or service, or brochures for group members to take around and sell items amongst the community.

Some of the most popular church fundraisers consist of faith based themed items such as the Faith shaped lollipops. These candy lollipops are molded in the shape of a cross, angel, and praying hands. Simply set these lollipops on a counter or desk during church service of event and these lollipops sell themselves!

Another fantastic church fundraising idea is the inspirational two-year planner assortment. High quality purse-sized two-year planners come with a memo pad and a beautifully crafted vinyl cover. There is plenty of space within the calendar dates for your supporters to write down up-coming appointments and activities.  

The highest profit church fundraiser belongs to the church themed scratch cards. Each scratch card holds 100 dots, which your group members ask supporters to scratch off one or two. The supporter then donates the exposed amount on the scratch card and receives a coupon sheet valued at $150 as a "Thank You". Once all the dots are scratched off, each church scratch card will raise your organization up to $90!

Church fundraisers may also consist of brochure sales. There are many different types of brochure sale programs to choose from, each with their own profitability. Choose from French bread pizza, cheesecake, cookie dough, magazines, kitchen helpers, and more!

Contact one of our fundraising specialists to determine which church fundraiser would work best for you and your church organization. Call (888) 203-7168 today!


Top Products for Church Fundraisers

2 Year Planners - Inspirational Assortment

Purse-size Two-Year Planners come with a memo pad
Make $216.00 per case
60% Profit
$5.00 sellers
72 assorted planners per case

Church Scratch Cards

Church themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)

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