Pizza Cards including Papa John's

Product Description

Sell pizza cards including Papa John's Pizza® Cards for $10.00 and Make $6.00 Profit Per Card!* 

  • Your cost per card: $4.00
  • You sell each card for: $10.00
  • You make: $6.00 profit per card!
  • Minimum order is just 100 cards!
  • Cards can be ordered in packs of 50
  • Cards are valid for one year after they have been printed.*

Why will your customers want to buy a Papa John's Pizza® Card from you?

Because they will get to order from a participating Papa John's location and get a great deal!

Each Papa John's has a different "deal" with us, but the most popular deal is this one:
"Buy a large pizza at regular price and receive a second pizza of equal or lesser value for free!"

Click here to find local participating pizza deals in your area!

These cards are awesome for fundraising - everyone wins! All you need to do is tell us the name of the city where your local Papa John's is, and we'll call you to confirm the best deal we can get from YOUR Papa John's before you make your decision to purchase your Papa John's Pizza® Cards from us.

Pizza Cards will deliver in approximately 2-7 business days.

*Card deals and free cards may vary per location. Please call a fundraising expert for pizza card details in your area. (888) 203-7168

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