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Your supporters will save up to 50% at over 100,000 restaurants, amusement parks, retail, automotive, recreation, and health/beauty stores nationwide! No need to wait for us to sign up the merchants for your fundraiser. Give us a call to find out what merchants are offering in your area!

• 50 Card minimum.
• Valid at participating merchants NATIONWIDE!
• $9.00 profit per card sold!
• Cards expire approximately 15 months from the date you purchase them.

Program Breakdown
Purchase each card for $6.00
Sell each card for $15.00
You make $9.00 per card which is 60% profit!

Customize Your Card
For 500 or more cards, you can customize your entire card for free! There is a $150 fee for orders under 500 cards. You are responsible for the designing of the card. Your completed card design may be sent to Your finished card must be 3.625in x 2.38in with 300 dpi resolution. If you decide to customize your card, it will take a week or two longer to deliver (see delivery details below).

Delivery Details
Standard cards are typically delivered in 4-7 business days
Customized cards are typically delivered in 7-17 business days