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Fundraiser Incentives

Sometimes getting your group to participate in a fundraiser can be the hardest part. That is why Wow Fundraising provides you with a great prize program for Elementary and Middle Schools or other incentives such as pizza parties or 3% of the total profit for you to decide what would motivate your group the most.

Looking for unique incentives that don’t involve a prize program or prizes?

Here are some ideas:

Imagine HS Incentive Pie in the Face Incentive

Some of these ideas cost nothing but stimulate participation, excitement and team spirit.

School Principals:

  • Spend some time on the school roof if you reach your goal
  • Dress crazy for a day
  • Shave/color your hair
  • Pie in the Face

School Staff:

  • Dress for Spirit Day (face painting, wear colored wigs)
  • Ride tricycles

School Students:

  • Coupons for extra recess
  • Coupons for dress down day (for schools with uniforms)
  • Dress up day
  • Crazy dress day
  • Hat day
  • Twin dress day
  • Dash for Cash or Cash Scramble

Offer Tickets for Rewards:

  • Big Events (proms etc)
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Movie Passes
  • Gift Cards

Offer a 10/5 Drawing:
A Student sells 10 items to receive an entry in a drawing. For every 5 additional items sold, they receive an additional entry in the drawing.

  • Big Events
  • Sports
  • Music
  • Movie Passes
  • Gift Cards
  • Cash

Low Cost, Organization Involved Ideas

Items Sold     Prize Earned
3  -  Ice Cream Bar
6  -  No Homework Coupon (teacher approval)
9  -  Extra recess Coupon
12  -  Crazy Dress Day
15  -  Paint your face day
20  -  Your name in a drawing for cash

"Mystery Shopper"
Ask a person in the building to be a mystery shopper. The seller who sells to him/her wins $20 and the mystery shopper wins a free item. This process encourages the sellers to "get out there" and ask more people.

Classroom Competition
Classrooms having 50% or more participation with each seller selling at least 2 items – the teacher will receive $40 to spend on the class.

Take the Bonus Money
Your group is awarded and purchase your own Top Prizes – Display them through out the sale.

Don’t limit your awards to only your Top Sellers.
Spread the wealth around.
Even if you give participation prizes or coupons!