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Pine Valley Cookie Dough Tubs

Frozen Cookie Dough. Shelf Stable. 2.7 lb. Tubs.

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• Lollipops
• Candy Bars
• Beef Snacks
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Guaranteed To Grow! Sell in Spring for Fall planting. 50% Profit Brochure Program. Dozens of Products. Free Delivery with Low Minimum.

    Bags for Bucks Trash Bags

    Trash Bags made from 100% recycled plastic as much as two times thicker than most found in stores!

    Chocolates Fundraiser

    Seven Premium Chocolates.

    12 top selling pre-portioned cookie dough flavors and 3 cookie dough variety packs!

    16 page brochure featuring 12 cookie dough flavors, 3 cookie dough variety packs, French bread pizza varieties, pizza snacks, Auntie Anne's pretzel items and dessert items. 41 items total.

    All Non-Frozen Items. Flower bulbs, Jewelry, Candles, Magazines, Chocolates, and more! Wonderful Spring Fundraising Items. Free Delivery with Low Minimum.

    Pine Valley $10 Cookie Dough Tubs

    Crazy about Cookies shelf stable 2.0 lb tubs of Cookie Dough

    Pine Valley Place and Bake Cookie Dough

    Crazy about Cookies shelf stable 2.7 lb Preportioned Place and Bake Cookie Dough Boxes

    Excellent mix between Food items and Kitchen Items/Gifts. Pizza, Cookie Dough, Pretzels, Cake Rolls, and More! Great for All types of Groups. High Profit. Free Delivery with Low Minimum.

      Heidi's 16 oz. Cheesecake Brochure

      Top Selling Cheesecake Flavors. Six Cheesecake Varieties. 16 oz. Cheesecake.

      Heidi's Desserts Brochure

      Four dessert items. Cinnamon Rolls, Cake Rolls, Apple Dumplings. Variable Pricing Options Available.

      Guaranteed To Grow! Sell in Fall for Spring planting. 50% Profit Brochure Program. Dozens of Products. Free Delivery with Low Minimum.

        New York Snacks

        Six items. Pretzels products, egg rolls, funnel cakes. Variable Pricing Options Available.

        Top selling cookie dough, desserts, and french bread pizza. Removable magazine spread. 16 items total.

        Name brand power to boost your fundraising sales. 12 Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough varieties.

        Our famous four page Otis Spunkmeyer fundraising brochure cut down to 1 convenient page featuring only the top selling cookie dough flavors.

        Variety of frozen food products featuring Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough. 34 items.

        100 items! Frozen food, holiday items, dry goods.

        Party Favorites Fundraiser

        Available as 9 items or 6 items. Cheese spreads, sausages, chocolates. Variable Pricing Options Available.

        Pizza Night

        Three top selling Zap-A-Snack French bread pizzas combined with two varieties of Zia's snack rolls.

        Poppin' Popcorn Fundraising Brochure

        13 gourmet popcorn flavors. Earn 45% profit with only 50 items sold! $14 retail.

        Snack Center Candy and Nuts

        Eight candy and nut varieties. $6.00 suggested retail.

        Solid Chocolate Easter Bunny

        Solid Chocolate, 7" tall, 6 oz., Gift box, Fundraising Brochure

        Trophy Nuts Candies

        Candy, Nuts, Chocolates and Snacks have been successful fundraisers for decades. Nuts, Chocolates, Candy, Trail Mix, Gummi Bears, and More!

        Zia's Snacks

        Five items. Variety of breaded snack items. Variable Pricing Options Available.

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