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Unique Ways Churches Raise Money

All non-profit organizations need to pay the bills and employees somehow. Sometimes fundraising is often the only way to achieve this. Here is a list of several unique ways churches are able to raise the funds they need to support their organization.

Church bazaars or carnivals are fun ways for supporters to contribute to the cause. Rides, games, concessions, animal rides, and cook offs make fun group activities for your supporters.

Car washes during the summer make great profits for groups as they make the best use of volunteers. Volunteers are no cost to the group so all of the money brought in by the car wash is all profit!

Bake sales make excellent additions to any church event. Volunteers from the congregation bake items such as brownies, rice crispy treats, and cookies and sell them at the church events for typically $1.00 per item.

Bingo is another profitable church fundraising event. Open the church doors and promote a 50/50 split on every card sold.

Raffles make another great fundraising opportunity. These incorporate prizes that are given away to the winning ticket holders, whether it is items or cash.

Book sales or rummage sales involve the congregation brining in items they no longer use and would like to get rid of. The church sells the items at sales throughout the year and keeps profits made from the items. Some churches had stores in the commons where they may sell these items all year round.

Concerts, events, and plays make great church events for families and friends. Sell tickets at the gates or presale them to get an idea at how well the event will perform.