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Halloween Lollipops/Suckers for Schools

Looking for lollipops for your Halloween school fundraiser? We offer a few varieties of Halloween suckers for school fundraising ideas including candy suckers and chocolate lollipops. Our Halloween lollipop school fundraisers will raise anywhere from 40% to 50% profit for your group. These extra funds will help pay for school supplies, class trips, student tuition, gym equipment, or will even work as a handout at a school Halloween event.

Lolliween suckers are candy lollipops offering 51% profit and FREE shipping! There are 640 lollipops in each case in assorted shapes and sizes. Lolliweens are molded into festive shapes such as pumpkins, witches, and skulls. They are large, one ounce lollipops, ready to ship and deliver in time for your Halloween fundraising events.

Pumpkin pops are 50% profit candy suckers available in a variety of flavors. There are 480 pumpkin pops per case.

Chocolate Halloween lollipops weigh 0.8 ounces and come in 2 assorted chocolate shapes, witches and ghost. Each case contains 360 lollipops which will generate 40% profit and ship to you absolutely FREE!

Top Products for Halloween Lollipops/Suckers for Schools

Lolliween (Halloween Lollipops)

Pumpkin, Witch, Skull Shaped Lollipops
Make $352.00 per case
55% Profit
$1.00 sellers
640 assorted lollipops per case

Pumpkin Pops

Pumpkin shaped lollipops
Make $180.00 per case
60% Profit
$1.00 sellers
300 assorted lollipops per case

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