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Fundraising Cards

There are many different types of fundraising cards available to schools and groups for fundraising. Discount cards, pizza cards, and scratch cards are just a few of the fundraising cards that Wow Fundraising has available for groups and schools.

Discount cards provide discounts to local or nationwide retailers. The Dinner and a Movie Card is proving to be a favorite among groups who like nationwide discounts. This card provides discounts to over 100,000 retailers across the United States and is valid for around 15 months from the date of purchase. These cards offer very high profit at $7.00 per card sold, that's 70% profit to your group!

Scratch Cards are a form of fundraising card that are based off a donation program. Each group member would take a card and request supporters to scratch off 2 or more of the dots on the card. The supporter would then pay the amount exposed. With the scratch card purchase, your group will receive coupon sheets to give to the group's supporters as a "Thank You".

Pizza cards are some of the most popular fundraising cards out there. Pizza Hut and Papa John's are the top two pizza chains allowing discounts of their famous pizza. The promotion is different depending on the location, so give us a call and we will find the promotion available in your area.

Top Products for Fundraising Cards

Dinner and a Movie Discount Cards

Over 100,000 participating merchants
Make $7.00 per card
70% profit
$10.00 sellers
50 card minimum

School Bus Scratch Cards

School Bus themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)

Student Scratch Cards

Student themed scratch card
Make $85.00 per card (up to $90.00!)
85% Profit (up to 90%!)

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