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December Fundraising Ideas

Want to make the most out of the holiday spirit? Many people feel more generous during the holiday season, which is why running a fundraiser in December will be a profitable one.

Some of the strongest December fundraising ideas are themed holiday items, such as Merry Lollipops and Holiday Traditions (chocolate Christmas themed lollipops). These two direct sale fund raising items make excellent products to sell during holiday events. Simply set the lollipops out on the admission table during an event and watch the lollipops sell like wild fire!

Looking for a December fundraising idea that requires no money up front and free shipping? Many of our brochure fundraisers offer just that! Sell anything from foods and gifts to kitchen helpers! We will provide you all the resources you need to run your December fundraiser for free. You will then run your fundraiser for one or two weeks and then send the orders back to Wow Fundraising in the prepaid envelope. Wow Fundraising will total and tally everything, send you school reports, and deliver your products!

Start your December fund raiser today by contacting one of our Fundraising Specialists at 888-203-7168!

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