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Winter Fundraising Ideas

With the changing of the season, the fundraising ideas that one ran in the summer and fall are no longer feasible to run in the winter. Instead, the winter season provides us with some unique Winter Fundraising Ideas.

Snow becomes a common occurrence for most of the mid to northern states during the winter season. Have your group pick up their shovels and become a snow removal team! Remove snow from sidewalks and driveways of businesses and residents for a donation. The amount of the donation would depend on the size of the area to be shoveled; ranging usually from $5.00 - $20.00.

 Winter bake sales usually work well with churches and schools. Parents, teachers, or group members usually bake Christmas cookies, fudge, brownies with powdered sugar, or any other winter goodie to sell at a school or church event. 

Other direct sale winter fundraisers available that sell great consist of holiday lollipops, wristbands, and discount cards. Set these products out at admission tables to events, sell them to friends and families, and bring them to work to sell to coworkers. Most direct sale winter fundraisers generate 50% profit or more!

Looking for no money upfront winter fundraisers instead? Brochure programs, also known as order takers, are free to get started. All the materials needed to run the winter fundraiser are provided upfront at no cost to the group. The group takes orders from supporters who shop from our wide selection of products available in our colorful brochures.

Top Products for Winter Fundraising Ideas

Smencils "Scented Pencils" Tub

Scented Pencils made from 100% recycled newspaper soaked in gourmet scents
Make $200.00 per case
40% profit
$1.00 sellers
500 smencils per case

2 Year Planners - Reflection Assortment

Purse-size Two-Year Planners come with a memo pad
Make $72.00 per case
50% Profit
$2.00 sellers
72 assorted planners per case

America's Variety Candy Bars

Peanut Free, 1.5 oz. candy bars
Make $96.00 (up to $120.00) per case
40% Profit (up to 50% profit)
$1.00 sellers
240 candy bars per case

Dinner and a Movie Discount Cards

Over 100,000 participating merchants
Make $7.00 per card
70% profit
$10.00 sellers
50 card minimum

Merry Pops (Christmas Lollipops)

Santa, Snowman and Christmas Tree Shaped Lollipops
Make $144.00 per case
45% Profit
$0.50 sellers
640 assorted lollipops per case