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Trip Fundraising Ideas

Not all of us have money setback to go on trips. When a class trip, missionary trip, or field trip may arise, fundraising may be required.  Wow Fundraising offers many trip fundraising ideas for groups or individuals including brochure order takers, direct sale products, or donation programs.

Picking the right trip fundraiser for your group depends on what you want to sell, the profit you want to make, and the services you want to receive.

High profit brochure fundraising ideas eliminate some of the fundraising services such as pre-packing and parent letters for groups that want additional profit for their fundraising efforts. All orders are shipped bulk and distributed by the group.

Full service fundraisers make excellent fundraising ideas for groups looking to raise money for a trip. These programs provide all the bells and whistles for groups including a parent letter for why the money is being raised, pre-packing by student, and group reports.  

When the fundraiser directly impacts the members raising the money, participation is usually high. The group members will see the results of their fundraising efforts by having some or their entire trip paid for. Not a bad incentive groups members!

Direct sale products such as candy bars, lollipops, beef snacks, and discount cards make excellent fundraisers as well. Direct sale products typically make 50% profit and always include FREE shipping! These products sell for less than brochure program items; therefore more will need to be sold to reach the profit desired.

Top Products for Trip Fundraising Ideas

Yummy Lix/Licks Gourmet Lollipops

Best selling fundraising lollipop
Make $144.00 per case
45% Profit
$0.50 sellers
640 assorted lollipops per case

America's Variety Candy Bars

Peanut Free, 1.5 oz. candy bars
Make $96.00 (up to $120.00) per case
40% Profit (up to 50% profit)
$1.00 sellers
240 candy bars per case

Dinner and a Movie Discount Cards

Over 100,000 participating merchants
Make $7.00 per card
70% profit
$10.00 sellers
50 card minimum