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Field Trip Fundraising Ideas

Field trips provide school students an opportunity to learn outside their everyday learning environment. Some field trips provide the students with observations while others provide the students with hands on research allowing the student to observe the subject in its natural state and possibly collect samples.

Fields trips may have many cost involved including staffing, travel expenses, and admission fees. To help cover the cost of these fees, schools, teachers, or group leaders may use field trip fundraising ideas. These ideas are fundraising programs and products designed for schools and groups to raise money for field trips.

Many schools are well familiar with candy bar fundraisers which will make a group anywhere from 40 – 50% profit! However, some schools and groups want to make more than 50 cents of the dollar. That is where brochure fundraising ideas come in.

There are two types of brochure fundraising ideas, high profit programs and full service programs. High profit programs offers the groups more profit by eliminating some of the services provided by the fundraising company such as prepacking, student reports, and parent letters. Full service programs provide all the services and the group still walks away with a wonderful profit.

Contact one of our fundraising specialists to determine which fundraising idea would work best and be the most profitable for your field trip fundraiser.

Top Products for Field Trip Fundraising Ideas

America's Variety Candy Bars

Peanut Free, 1.5 oz. candy bars
Make $96.00 (up to $120.00) per case
40% Profit (up to 50% profit)
$1.00 sellers
240 candy bars per case

Hershey's $2.00 Fundraising Assortment

Band name candy bars
Make $72.00 (up to $108.00) per case
Up to 45% profit
$2.00 sellers
120 candy bars per case